Monday, November 1, 2010

This Semester at a glance

This semester we learned about the long axis line, the spine, the spinal erectors, and abs. We also learned about drawing the rib cage in relation to the spine and proportions of the rest of the body. Through out the semester I've been relearning how to draw. It's been a lot more difficult than I had originally anticipated that it would. I can see the improvement in the long drawings. It is not so much the case with the gesture drawings though. Those seem to be a hit or miss. They kind of depend on the day. It was really difficult to pick out gesture drawings for my flickr account because I couldn't remember which ones I was told were really good. They all kind of run together and when we have umpteen days and a two drawing pads to flip through. Many days I can take the details I see and organize them correctly into what it should look like in my drawing. I've been working on drawing bigger and slower. Some days it works, others I just don't have the patience. The last two long poses I haven't been able to draw correctly. But they have also been the poses where the models have sat in chairs and the chair has prevented my ability to see the entire long axis line and other body landmarks. It also made it awkward for figuring out sizing and how to fit it all on the page.

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