Thursday, January 27, 2011


My name is Kirsten Iehl. I am a studio art major with a painting concentration at UW stout. I'm in his drawing class because through drawing I can get a better understanding of how to form objects and make them appear realistic. I'm a little leery about this class because I was expecting t be able to have free reign over my own work for the semester and finally not have to bow to the limits given by my instructors. I was hoping to be able to explore my own ideas and fail on my own time without having to follow guidelines.

Mainly I work quite small and incorporate lots of details into my work. I had hoped to use my drawing skills in this class as a building block for my painting 3 class I'm currently in.  I like to draw on paper and wood for the most part with charcoal, chalk pastels, and graphite. I would like to explore oil crayons and the like this semester.