Sunday, October 31, 2010

Oct 24-30th

      This week we drew our first male model. That was an interesting change of scenery... Actually I found it slightly awkward and I couldn't seem to get the proportions or even the basic anatomy correct. Maybe it was just on off day for me. I still have yet to have a day where I can actually draw. Guess this just isn't my semester. We also went over our shell drawings with critiques in the hall with people who weren't in our original groups- in my case at least. It was nice to get a new opinion of my shell and what I can work on. originally I was told that my lines had good differentiation, had a nice axis line, was a little small for the paper- which I explained during the second critique that I had originally plotted it out to fill the page and when I got to the individual parts of it my drawing apparently got smaller.
     I'm not really looking for this week... Between mid-program review and the billion things I have to do for this class and all my other classes I have almost no time to get anything done. So if I'm super tired for this class and have to force feed myself coffee before and during class... I blame life drawing. Maybe. Or possibly MPR, or voting, or any of my other classes. I will have to post the pictures of my works up soon and comment on everyone's blogs... I know I have yet to do that but only because when I  do this blog I never think about it. I will have to go through them all during the week when I have more time.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

a week without class...

So, this week in class... oh wait... We didn't have class. well, it was a nice break, but I felt like there was a void in my schedule.. which of course there was. I kinda wish we had class so I could have solidified the project guidelines. I found the assignment online right after she assigned it but haven't since. I'm not exactly certain where I found it the first time.
     Its getting a little boring writing about just what we do in class every week but I can never think of anything else to write, nor am I sure that writing about anything else is acceptable. I really don't know what to write now... Since we didn't do anything and I haven't been in class for the past week and a half.
so... until next time...

Sunday, October 10, 2010


This week in class on Tuesday we drew the model again. We did more short poses and I worked more on my posture and my drawing form. Im improving but only in small increments. We spent an hour talking about the abdominal muscles and taking notes.  I ran out of paper on Tuesday and had to buy more before the class on Thursday... Which I didn't make it too because I randomly got sick and was unable to even stand up. So Lyle stared at me from across the room while I sat on my futon and tried to gather the energy to walk to class. I think his face drooped a little when I ended up emailing the professor that I honestly couldnt stand. When I did finally stand I felt like I did after I had taken Vicodin after my surgery freshman year. I contemplated driving down but decided against that for the sake of everyone else. I don't know what else I can say, aside from Im kind of excited to start this project but a little leery because contour lines and I just don't see eye to eye. also because I have a tendency to get fed up with projects after a while and just give up. So I guess I will just have to buckle down and continue with this one. It would be very unfortunate to end this semester with no works that I want to claim. Until next time...

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sept 26th-Oct 2nd

In class on Tuesday we looked at our mannequins and I found out that Lyle has some major issues with his muscles that must be repaired pronto, before his other muscles are equally screwy... talk about issues. then we proceeded with the class with drawing the models. I finally used the full page for the long drawing... It was nice to not be scolded to draw larger. we drew with our left hands that day. I might actually start drawing with my left hand more often. I had a goal to each myself to be ambidextrous by the time I graduate. Maybe this would be a good place to start. by drawing with my left hand I was forced to draw with my shoulder because that is the only way I could gain control of my drawing tool which was a weird sensation. On Thursday we took notes on the second section of muscles and then drew the model again. nothing special or different that day than any other. We worked on the rib cage and figuring out the direction the models rib cage was going and putting the long axis line and the rib cage together.  I would have to say the most exciting part of the day was the epic fail Liz and I encountered when we went to pawn... What should have been a ten minute break turned into twenty minutes of the pawn workers trying to figure out why the machine for the cappuccino and hot chocolate wasn't working. Not wanting to return to class late, and with nothing to show for our little "adventure", we settled on juice. Epic fail. Hopefully next time we will not have as many issues. Im pretty sure we are drawing our shells this week. I'm kind of excited for that. It will be nice to be able to go back to still life type objects, a refreshing break from the living I suppose. Until next time, have a wonderful day. :)