Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Mapping- An Epidemic

The use of maps is actually quite interesting. There are several more ways mapping pertains to our lives that many of us don't even think about- or at least I don't. For this project I wanted to be creative but not so much so that it doesn't appear to be much more than scribbles. My work is more about the final project and not so much the act of creating it. If it becomes more the act than I lose my self in the abstractedness and I prefer not to delve into that realm of thought. I want to tell my story with my piece. I want to illustrate where I've been and how one thing someone does can affect someone else so thoroughly. I was thinking about my life and what I could do with it and instantly the comparison of my life with Dante's Inferno popped into my head.

He describes the wrong-doings of mythological characters throughout history and plants them within each level. He gives each level a title and creates a punishment for each crime that was committed. I did the same. I assessed my life and the events that have affected me over the years. I came up with six levels of abandonment: 

-Friend abandonment- Those that have left their friends behind for silly reason like popularity or such. They are forced the be alone indefinitely. They will be in separate cells where they cant see or hear or come in contact with another being.

 - Break-up- People who don't give good reasons for breaking someones heart or for toying intentionally with other peoples emotions; cheaters. They will have a knife through their heart that is twisted every hour. They will be walking along a never ending staircase towards the person who is twisting the knife- no escape.

- Emotional detachment- People who refuse to listen to or care about what someone else is going through and only cares about themselves. forced to listen to everyone's problems, feel their pain and can't help but not care and try to prevent said pain. *I haven't totally figured out the setting for this level yet. I'm thinking something along the lines of a large group of people with no room to move around in a cloud of thoughts and emotions that fly in a constant stream.

-Runaways- People who have run away from the things they refused to face; issues they caused; illegitimate reasons for leaving people behind- basic cowardice (not including those that ran away from dangerous situations- abuse, neglect etc,). They will be forever chained to what they ran from. There will be a long wall with a cage around it and the figures will be chained to the walls surrounded by what they ran from.

-Child Abandonment- People who leave their children, abuse them, or neglect them. They lose all memories of happiness. They will be surrounded by stone; absolutely no color.

-Suicide-  People who ended their own lives. They must face the pain of the people who they left behind. They will be placed in a room full of mirrors that shows the people mourning their deaths- for eternity.

This is just my basic ideology. Nothing is set in stone at this point. I am trying to figure out how to arrange it on paper- whether to have it as one large sheet, or several sheets with layers, or having clear sheets with the floor plan drawn on them and have them stacked. I'm open to suggestions. So if you have any, please let me know...

Until next time... :)

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