Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Mapping My Train of Thought

I'm not sure exactly what I want to do for the mapping project yet. Interestingly enough I did have a pretty good set of ideas before the brain storming activity. But since we've started with those questions my train of thought has gone off it's track. It was a bit difficult to come up with different sketches of ideas and different ideas in general because the ideas I originally had and wanted to branch from had gone out the window and I'm left with ideas that really don't interest me and I'm not motivated to think in those directions. When this project was first introduced my interest was altering a map that already exists- to tell my story. I had an idea of showing the different places my mother moved after my parents divorced since she hasn't been but a fleeting part of my life for the past eleven years. another idea I was tossing around was shading in or cutting out states that I have visited because I am very proud of all the places I have been and would like to some day make it to all of the states. Another idea I liked was making the man in the US map stand out a bit more. when I was learning the US map and where all the states are on the map I learned them starting with the man down almost the center of the map. Apparently no one else learned about the man in the states. After explaining it to my roommates I've concluded that it must be a River Falls thing.

I don't remember exactly what abstract questions threw me off but abstract questions in general don't sit well with me. I'm slightly leery about this assignment. I've never been interested in maps or anything they pertain to. I only handle maps as a necessity aside from "mapping" out a drawing or painting- which i do quite often considering my major and favorite pass-time which happen to be the same thing.
I do have a GPS but it always gets me lost. It is pretty much an unreliable hunk of junk which tells me I have reached my destination while I'm in the middle of a highway I am extremely unfamiliar with. Other than reaching a specific end point I try to steer clear of maps I find them rather overwhelming.

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