Saturday, September 18, 2010

Week 2. Sept. 13-18

In class on Tuesday this week we did blind contours of our shells and continuous line drawings. Then we gathered in small groups and critiqued each others drawing. We were told to discuss and take notes about our drawings and how the other group members feel we observed the object we were drawing. I was told that I observed the object well. I paid attention to the raised lines on the shell as well as the colored lines going the opposite direction. I was informed that I have a clean and precise execution of the subject. I had difficulty with both the continuous line. I have a sketchy drawing style and have issues with not picking up my drawing utensil. On Thursday in class we drew a model and worked on short and long poses. It was pointed out to me that I need to draw larger during long drawings but I found it difficult when I was also trying to concentrate on not picking up my pencil and going back to my sketchy style. I flashed back to drawing one during class when I was told I was drawing wrong and had to pay attention to how I was drawing. When I hold my pencil “correctly” I have no control over where it makes the marks. I understand it will take a while to build up the muscle memory but for now trying to do too many things at once is going to be kind of a pain. I’m not too excited for that. I did enjoy drawing the model. I thought it was going to be awkward drawing a live nude model, but by the end of the class I looked at her as if I were just drawing my rock. No longer thinking of her as a nude woman but instead as an object with many different lines and surfaces. I’m thinking this week I will try to get enough sleep before class and wear better shoes so I’m not so distracted during the long poses. Maybe I will also draw bigger and better.

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  1. I found it difficult to draw larger during the longer poses as well. It felt awkward hold the pencil like a paintbrush and drawing large like I was suddenly thrown back into elementary school learning to use my tools for the first time. But I guess that kind of is what we're trying to do, relearn old things to help us be bigger and better like you said.