Saturday, September 25, 2010

Week 3. Sept 19th-25th

Tuesday this week we drew a different female model. This time we did several short poses and a couple long poses. I prefer the short poses. They have more energy and are much more interesting to see the end results of.  So far I have yet to have a “good drawing day” this semester. I guess the consequence for not drawing all summer except for basic quick sketches before painting for over a year is rearing its ugly head. Hopefully between my two art classes I will be able to get back into the swing of drawing. I hope this is just a slow start and things will pick up soon.
Thursday we got our mannequins and scraped the clay off of them. It was a little weird to be peeling off the clay. I kept thinking about how much it would hurt if the mannequin was real.  Good things he isn’t. My mannequin’s heal is broken and he spins around when I would really prefer he stay still. I guess we will just have to get used to each other, seeing as Lyle and I are stuck with each other for the semester. Yes, I did indeed name my mannequin. I also named my car, I’m just that cool. We went through notes about the parts of the spine and the difference between tendons and ligaments. Most of the stuff from this week seems to just be a refresher of stuff I already know, after having drawing one and my dad being a chiropractor.  But it’s nice to have. I still need to work on my drawing grip. But one thing at a time seems to be the only way my brain has functioned recently- (usually that one thing is listening and staring off into space, but that’s beside the point). Maybe soon my brain will wake up and function properly. Until then, lots of coffee, and one thing at a time. Pictures will come soon. My camera is acting up.

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  1. I love that you named your Manekin, Lyle is a swell name. Congratulations. Hah. I'm interested to see what your mannequin looks like, because mine might be wrong, not just wrong, simply dreadful. Who knows, we'll see.