Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sept 26th-Oct 2nd

In class on Tuesday we looked at our mannequins and I found out that Lyle has some major issues with his muscles that must be repaired pronto, before his other muscles are equally screwy... talk about issues. then we proceeded with the class with drawing the models. I finally used the full page for the long drawing... It was nice to not be scolded to draw larger. we drew with our left hands that day. I might actually start drawing with my left hand more often. I had a goal to each myself to be ambidextrous by the time I graduate. Maybe this would be a good place to start. by drawing with my left hand I was forced to draw with my shoulder because that is the only way I could gain control of my drawing tool which was a weird sensation. On Thursday we took notes on the second section of muscles and then drew the model again. nothing special or different that day than any other. We worked on the rib cage and figuring out the direction the models rib cage was going and putting the long axis line and the rib cage together.  I would have to say the most exciting part of the day was the epic fail Liz and I encountered when we went to pawn... What should have been a ten minute break turned into twenty minutes of the pawn workers trying to figure out why the machine for the cappuccino and hot chocolate wasn't working. Not wanting to return to class late, and with nothing to show for our little "adventure", we settled on juice. Epic fail. Hopefully next time we will not have as many issues. Im pretty sure we are drawing our shells this week. I'm kind of excited for that. It will be nice to be able to go back to still life type objects, a refreshing break from the living I suppose. Until next time, have a wonderful day. :)

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