Sunday, October 31, 2010

Oct 24-30th

      This week we drew our first male model. That was an interesting change of scenery... Actually I found it slightly awkward and I couldn't seem to get the proportions or even the basic anatomy correct. Maybe it was just on off day for me. I still have yet to have a day where I can actually draw. Guess this just isn't my semester. We also went over our shell drawings with critiques in the hall with people who weren't in our original groups- in my case at least. It was nice to get a new opinion of my shell and what I can work on. originally I was told that my lines had good differentiation, had a nice axis line, was a little small for the paper- which I explained during the second critique that I had originally plotted it out to fill the page and when I got to the individual parts of it my drawing apparently got smaller.
     I'm not really looking for this week... Between mid-program review and the billion things I have to do for this class and all my other classes I have almost no time to get anything done. So if I'm super tired for this class and have to force feed myself coffee before and during class... I blame life drawing. Maybe. Or possibly MPR, or voting, or any of my other classes. I will have to post the pictures of my works up soon and comment on everyone's blogs... I know I have yet to do that but only because when I  do this blog I never think about it. I will have to go through them all during the week when I have more time.

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