Sunday, October 17, 2010

a week without class...

So, this week in class... oh wait... We didn't have class. well, it was a nice break, but I felt like there was a void in my schedule.. which of course there was. I kinda wish we had class so I could have solidified the project guidelines. I found the assignment online right after she assigned it but haven't since. I'm not exactly certain where I found it the first time.
     Its getting a little boring writing about just what we do in class every week but I can never think of anything else to write, nor am I sure that writing about anything else is acceptable. I really don't know what to write now... Since we didn't do anything and I haven't been in class for the past week and a half.
so... until next time...


  1. Kirstin, I think you can write about anything that is related to drawing, your processes with it, progress on homework, and on weeks like the past couple, I think that writing about your career in the art field in general would be just fine. So long as it is thoughtful, reflective, and 300 words. Good luck!

  2. Not gonna lie, I welcomed the no class week.. I'm sorry Amy was sick and not feeling well but the extra time off was awesome..