Monday, December 20, 2010

Dec 6th- 12

This be back track blog post number... three... me thinks. Possibly.. This week I believe is the week we critiqued the third shell drawing- which I didn't have because it was hard enough staying awake, seeing straight and moving with out pain all weekend. I couldn't exactly do my shell drawing. I looked at a bunch of other peoples shells and noticed how they utilized the page and how they mastered the ink and I gathered information about what I needed to do for mine. I think we may have also drawn hands that day, I'm not sure. The weeks run together. Same room. Same people. Anyway, if that was the day were drew hands then that was also the day where I noticed how I don't pay much attention to the different planes. I had a lot of difficulty with drawing hands, couldn't seem to focus my brain on drawing I was more interested in the coffee i was drinking, which, in hindsight is quite sad because it really wasn't that interesting. I think I drew about three hands and gave up. Liz did a pretty good job tho. until her hands resembled my boot, which I guess was more interesting to her than my hands. I don't blame her. Usually I thoroughly enjoy drawing hands. I think they may be the most interesting body part, they are capable of so much and are able to move in so many different ways. Hands are extremely complex and exciting. If only I had been able to focus... I was excessively excited to be able to draw hands when it was announced we were going to be, but afterward I don't know that I would be so willing to draw them again. Or maybe next time I will just focus my attention more on the subject and less on my drinkable substance. Well. Until next time...

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