Sunday, December 19, 2010

nov 1-6

I'm not exactly certain what we did this week, as this is a back post but I'm sure we drew, and drew some more.. and probably did some work with the manikens and drew some more. All of these blogs seem to be running together. So I think I'm going to switch up the subject matter slightly, and discuss things related to drawing and my major that I did outside of class that week. The week I'm speaking of I sketched out a three panel painting I will be finishing over break. I also painted a winter scene on a panel for a gift for one of my friends. I am a painting major and it seems to me the most I will be using my drawing skills will be for sketching out paintings. which is fine by me. I used to draw well but as the years have progressed my skills have diminished. One of my drawing professors from my freshman year explained that drawing is like singing, if you don't nurture your talent you lose it. Which is very true. I suppose if I wanted to I could get it back but this has been an excessively trying semester and pushing myself more than outside influences did would probably have made me implode. Its hard to draw in this class without being able to shade. I'm so used to being able to quickly sketch and then go back over whatever I draw with shading and I can make what I drew look infinitely better. Maybe thats the reasoning behind my pessimism related to my drawing skills this semester. possibly, me thinks. well... I'm not exactly sure what to say on the subject, so... until next time...

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