Sunday, December 19, 2010

nov. 7-13

I missed a few blog posts… so here is back track post number one. Looks like the last post was from midterm- so we shall pickup where I left off. That is, if I can remember what we did in class. They all kind of run together after a while. I know we did shell drawings, we started drawing more specific parts on the models. This may or may not have been the week that I have no good long poses to speak of due to sitting models syndrome- which is code for “something Kirsten is incapable of drawing the profile of when there is a chair blocking half of the anatomy she needs to see for landmarks.” As you can guess folks, its not a very pretty picture. And then trying to fit the entire model on the page… over five feet of model on a two foot paper… yeah… kind of difficult. I resorted back to my old ways and drew excessively small, sketchy, dark and altogether, crappy. Needless to say this is not one of my strongest drawings. In fact both drawings are ones that I would like to burn, tear in half, or use to mop up the ink that I will be using on the last shell drawing I have yet to finish. Up to this point I would like to point out that I, in fact had been getting better about using my full arm and using the whole page. But well I guess digression is a natural problem that can be fixed with baby steps. One step forward, two steps back. O well.

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