Sunday, December 19, 2010

nov 14-23

Back track blog post number two. I don’t quite remember what we did, this one may have been the trip to the museums. I got out of my 2D digital imaging class early, which was a waste to go to anyway- I was only in class for 15 minutes. Then sat in the stairwell by the doors waiting for the bus to show up… when we decided it probably wasn’t going to be there the bus garage was contacted and we were allowed an ho I don’t remember much about the walker. Nothing was really that interesting to me. The photography was about the only thing that caught my attention. Everything else just seemed to blur together- aside from the people that were painted and laying on the floor… that was just… weird. I thoroughly enjoyed the wall of the 38 theaters and a funeral home. I love old theaters anyway, the history behind them, the beauty of the way they were designed even the whiff of nostalgia they greet me with. I think I stood in front of those for a half hour. Each pass I made I saw things I didn’t see the time before. The little details that makes each of those places look loved, or abandoned; The things that draw me in; what I can relate to. The next museum we went to was the natural history museum. While we were there Liz and I trekked through all of the rooms and looked through the glass but couldn’t find much that sparked our interest… until we got to the children’s touch and learn center. Then we couldn’t decide what we wanted to draw. I settled on the grizzly bear in the center of the room. It was a little difficult trying to draw the bear’s head though, as kids and adults kept stopping in front of it. Kids were even hanging on his jaw… I did finally get the bear’s head drawn… and I was reminded how difficult fur was to draw. I think next time I will just draw tree stumps. Haha. Until next time…

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  1. Its weird how much we can miss at a first glance. By going back different times we can see it in a new perspective. The photographs were really interesting, I enjoyed looking at them too.