Monday, December 20, 2010

The last post- a backwards glance

Well, this technically isn't a back post blog, but since it probably should have been typed last night... it still is. So, this week... yeah... Kinda missed Tuesday's class because to say stress had made me mentally unstable would be an understatement. I figured I was doing myself and the class a favor by not showing up. Instead I sat on my futon for six hours, staring at a blank wall and crying... Talk about a mental break down, jeepers. For the record- that is extremely unlike me. So anyway. Since I don't have much to speak of about class this week I shall discuss how this semester went as a whole. :)

H'okay, so.. heres de earf- okay maybe not.. But the semester was.. interesting. I believe I am completely out of practice of drawing, I think this was a decent warm up to get me into the swing of drawing. It only took all semester, no big. lol Now I just have to trek through second semester of drawing and painting. I really hope I'm ready for that. Im so relieved we no longer have to do the self portrait for the final. That would just have been way to much on my plate, as is I've been struggling just to keep my head above water with being in the hospital and having to play catch-up. This class may be the worst though. I'm going to get everything done though. I will not allow myself to not finish. I have to find a place in my apartment to do my last shell drawing... The snow prevents my south campus trek... Not exactly certain how well this is going to work out for me. The shell drawings are nothing in comparison to building Lyle's muscles. I tried to convince him to pump some iron but he just stood there and stared at me... Guess I have to do all the work... Silly inanimate object... alrighty, well. That was my semester, I got into the habit of giving inanimate objects, besides my car a name, personality and I've even begun expecting them to accomplish this they are not capable of... thank you, Life Drawing 1 for making me go insane. I usually end with, Until next time.... But I don't know that there will be a next time. So have a good one. :) It was nice rambling to you.

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  1. i like reading your posts, they are very well written, i just wish you included some pictures to go with it.